Posted 8/3/2017

On 3rd March 2017 Lynda Rochford became another member of our elite "Over 25 Years" Club, which now has 8 members in the Club, this includes the Directors, Company Chief Engineer, Accounts Manager and now our Hire Manager.

Barrie Litchfield, MD, presented Lynda with holiday vouchers and a personal gift, telling staff attending the presentation that he personnally had employed her to work in our Hire Department just before the company moved to Eaton House in 1981.  In subsequent years she left the company for a few years and after bringing up her family she returned to work in the Hire Department on 2nd March 1992.  Barrie thanked Lynda for her long service and loyalty, she had certainly proved to be a valueable asset in helping to grow the Hire section of our company. 

Lynda responded by saying that she appreciated being employed by the company for 25years and remembered clearly the first day she commenced work, walking up the driveway with a colleague who eventually became a close friend.  At that time she didn't realise that her connection to Radio Links would span so many years.  Lynda also acknowledged that she had also made many friends within the company which made working for us enjoyable too.  

Lynda recently decided to accept a challenging role within our Sales Aftercare department where she now uses her full experience to assist our Sales and Sales Aftercare customers and no doubt will prove to be valuable in ensuring the continued success of these departments.

Congratulations Lynda, here's to another 25 years :):)