Motorola SL4000

Everything about the SL Series portable is designed for discretion and professionalism. From its incredibly sleek shape to its exceptionally slim size. Hold it in your hand and feel how light it is, less than half the weight of a standard radio. It’s so effortless to carry, comfortable to wear and with a very modern, mobile phone styling.

Overall Design
Thin, small and lightweight were the top priorities in
creating the SL4000.

Antenna Innovation
The antenna is designed to provde optimized digital performance.

Full Color Display
A key considerations was the large, high resolution screen. Designed to automatically adjust backlighting to changes in light, from bright sunlight to dark night.

Best In Class Audio
Audio quality had to be exceptional. The radio had to have exceptional audio performance that fit inside a small package.

User interface
Finally, Motorola carried out a number of usability tests to make sure they optimised all aspects of the radio. Whether it was having users try the fullsize keypad, making the battery latch easy to open, or slimming down the battery pack to fit within the slim housing without sacrificing power. We also made the navigation menus, buttons and features easy to use.

The accessories are also designed to complement the sleek,  compact design of the SL Series portables. Bluetooth wireless and compact single-wire earpieces enhance discreet communication and increase client satisfaction.

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