Radio Systems
Bespoke Radio Systems and Applications.

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With 30 years experience in the supply of two-way radio communications systems, we have gained a wealth of experience and the expertise to design bespoke, radio systems, bringing many different technologies together to provide a solution tailored to your exact requirements.
For customised radio systems, we carry out a free of charge consultation and we will undertake radio engineering surveys of your premises or area, to ensure that any radio system proposed, will work to your satisfaction, as soon as it is installed.

> Wide Area Radio Systems

With bespoke designed radio infrastructure, we can provide wide area radio systems to allow two-way communication over greater distance.


> Analogue Trunk Radio

Make better use of the radio channels allocated by Ofcom. By sharing your radio channels you should always be able to stay in touch.

> Digital Trunk Radio

Maximise the potential of your digital radio system by using Motorola's Capacity Plus. Shared radio channels means you should always be able to communicate.

> Voice Over IP (VoIP)

New technology digital radio means we can link your radio systems using Internet Protocol (IP). This means radio communication between buildings, anywhere.