Voice Over IP (VoIP)
Using New And Cutting Edge Technology To Provide Our Customers with New Solutions

New Voice Over IP (VoIP) technology offers two-way radio users, options that until recently, were very difficult to engineer and therefore often cost prohibitive to the end users.

Problem: I cannot use my radio to communicate with my remote offices!
Problem: I want radio communications between two depots 100 miles apart!
Problem: I want to monitor my remote radio systems from a centralised location!
Problem: I want to use my PC to communicate with my radios!

Solution: Using VoIP technology will address all of these common issues.

VoIP technology allows us to simply link remote sites together using the clients own IP network or the internet. This means, for example, that portable radios working at site in London, could talk to portable radios at a remote site in Manchester, and would sound as if they were in the same location. PC’s can be included and can be used to monitor, communicate with and control radio systems from a central point.