Analogue Trunk Radio
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In traditional non-trunked radio communication systems, different radio user groups want to operate on separate radio frequencies, or radio channels. But often, the number of groups exceeds the number of channels provided and as a consequence many radio users have to share a single, busy, channel.

Problem: Other groups are hearing all my communications!
Problem: I cannot pass vital information because my channel is busy!
Problem: I am hearing other groups that I am not interested in!
Problem: I have to wait until my channel is free before I can communicate.

Solution: Trunked Radio is a technology that makes communication not only easier, but also more efficient, more reliable and more resilient.

With a Trunk Radio System, all available radio channels are dynamically “pooled” so that all radio user groups have access to all channels. The radio user simply calls a group of radios and the Trunk System automatically assigns any free channel on which the conversation can take place. When the conversation ends, the channel is then released for other users.