Castle Mall Shopping Centre - Norwich

“Radio Links listened to what we required from a radio system, the issues that we were experiencing with our current one and they tailored a system to meet our requirements…”

In the heart of Norwich city centre, Castle Mall shopping centre features 80 shops, a sprawling food hall, an eight-screen multiplex cinema and two multi-story car parks. With annual footfall that exceeds ten million, ensuring the safety and security of both shoppers and employees was a top priority for management but presented a range of challenges. The smooth and safe running of the shopping centre is reliant on multiple teams being able to communicate instantly and efficiently across the large site – something the existing and outdated analogue system was failing to deliver.

To provide the required ‘Control Hub’ and extend the communication range to provide full two-way radio coverage across the site, we installed a brand new Hytera Digital radio communications system. Using Hytera repeater base stations at opposite ends of the site and linking them over an IP network, Radio Links were able to provide the site coverage required. By using this new digital technology we were also able to provide Castle Mall with two voice channels. The inclusion of a PC based Hytera Smart Dispatch console in the Castle Mall control suite, connected to the same IP network, provided the required voice recording function as well as much more.

With Smart Dispatch, the Management Team can utilise a wide range of features such as text messaging capabilities to single or multiple radio handsets and voice transmission recordings. Smart Dispatch also provides an overview of which staff members have logged in for their shift with radio registration for both accountability and safety.

When choosing to upgrade their radios, Castle Mall also had to take into consideration the needs of multiple departments and user groups. A hand portable radio with a digital display was a necessity for Management and Security Teams as they wanted to be able to send and receive SMS text messages. To accommodate this, Hytera PD665 radios were supplied. These feature a full colour display and the ability to make individual or group calls, as well as emergency "all call" broadcasts. These small, sleek and robust radios are the perfect pairing for those on long shifts, while the Man Down-enabled (G) version provided that added Health and Safety feature for lone workers. For other members of the team we supplied Hytera PD565.

Overall, once we had upgraded their system they reported that their communication within the premises had improved dramatically.

“I felt the service I received from my initial inquiry through to installation of our new system was extremely good. Radio Links listened to what we required from a radio system, the issues that we were experiencing with our current one. They tailored a system to meet our requirements at a very competitive price, The work was carried out quickly by knowledgeable engineers, who ensured the system was working correctly before handing it over to us, this was followed up a couple of days later to ensure we were happy with the installation.” SECURITY MANAGER, CASTLE MALL SHOPPING CENTRE