River Island Distribution Centre Milton Keynes

“The overall package offered by Radio Links and Hytera surpassed all the other competitors”

River Island opened a new European distribution centre located in Milton Keynes. Built to accommodate UK distribution activity including online orders.

The distribution centre comprises of two self-contained units linked by twin bridges, meaning that communication between the units needed to be adequate and up to standard.

The Security Control Manager got in touch with Radio Links and asked us to help improve the communications they had within the distribution centres. We recommended that to improve communication the best option would be to upgrade from analogue to digital hand portables. The hand portables we suggested were the Hytera PD705 and the PD785, tas they offered Health and Safety features such as Man Down and Lone Worker and being hardwearing, suited the environment they would be used in.

River Islands Security Control Manager commented, “We have found the improved coverage to be more than adequate for our requirement and the overall package offered by Radio Links Communications and Hytera surpassed all other competitors. Main factors for us were; improved radio coverage, voice quality; dual voice channels on a single frequency and a robust, reliable piece of equipment. We found no one else could match the product we were offered and we are extremely happy with our purchase”. He added “I would certainly recommend Hytera radio products to other warehousing businesses”.