Sainsbury’s Distribution Park

Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd has taken over a large distribution warehouse on Marsh Leys Distribution Park in Kempston, Bedford. Sainsbury’s use these premises to support and supply their growing store network, by providing their high street and town centre Supermarkets with clothing from their own brand range.

As the preferred supplier of radio communications systems to Sainsburys Supermarkets, Radio Links Communications listened to what the customer wanted from their two-way radio system. Following extensive site surveys and on-site radio coverage testing, we proposed that Sainsbury’s invest in new technology, Motorola DMR Digital Trunk Radio for this new venture.

Using just two Motorola Capacity Plus base stations, we were able to provide a four-channel digital trunk radio system, immediately providing Sainsbury’s with large cost savings when compared to a four-channel analogue trunk system with Ofcom licence fees. This basic infrastructure supports hand portable radios used by warehouse staff and mobile radios fitted in fork lift trucks.

Trunk Radio users do not have to worry about selecting a certain channel as all they have to do is simply select an individual radio or group they wish to call, and the trunk system will automatically allocate a free channel to the call. Radio users can also send and receive free format text messages (like using a mobile phone) and can make use of the built-in Health and Safety features including the Lone Worker Alarm and Panic Button.