Improving Radio Coverage at Beale Park

Beale Park is situated by the River Thames, near Lower Basildon and is home to small exotic animals, farm animals, birds, landscaped gardens and woodlands.

Since first supplying Beale Park in 2014, the site has expanded considerably. Beale Park contacted us and advised that some of their radios had begun to suffer from some ‘dead spots’ around their vast grounds, which was obviously down to the fact that the park had grown. To assess how best to correct the issue, we visited site and our experienced engineers undertook a detailed site survey.

Due to the park expansion, we advised that the best way to overcome the coverage issues would be to install a new digital repeater booster station centrally within the park, to boost the signal of their Motorola DP1400 digital handportable radios.

Once the repeater had been installed radio coverage was significantly improved and radio users no longer reported ‘dead spots’, giving them full site radio coverage again.