Bluebird K7 Shows Its Power on the Isle of Bute - See Videos Here

The Bluebird Project Team have Donald Campbells rebuilt K7 enthralling the public at Loch Fad on The Isle Bute.

After getting Bluebird into the water and powering her up during the first weekend in August, the following week saw pilot Ted Walsh and Bluebird entertaining the crowds with a number of 100mph+ runs up and down Loch Fad. According to the Project Team it was only the length of the loch that prevented them trying for greater speeds.

As sponsors and suppliers of the two-way radio communications between Bluebird, the support vessels and the shore team, we are so pleased that the high speed runs are going to plan and that crowds are getting to see this iconic piece of engineering power across the water.

More information on The Bluebird Project can be found here: The Bluebird Project