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Devonshire College Supplied New PD505 Licence Free Radios

A large college in Devon recently tasked us with supplying them 50+ licence free two-way radios at short notice, to meet their increased demand for communications during these strange times.

With the urgent need for up to date two-way voice communications, the college contacted our Customer Support Department at Radio Links for help and advice on the most suitable product for their operation.

With cost efficiency and speed of despatch being the key focus along with purchasing a product that met their communicational needs, our professionalism, advice and ability to meet their needs meant that they placed an order with us for 50+ Hytera BD505 Digital Licence Free Handportable Two-Way Radios.

This small and sleek licence free two-way radio is simple to operate to accommodate, suitable for all users on site. Being licence free mean that no Ofcom radio operating licence is required, so these radios can be provided immediately.

The new digital licence free technology means improved voice quality and better battery performance. This product will also allow the radio communication system to be expanded with ease in the future. Based on this specification the PD505LF proved to be the perfect choice and the certainly fit the bill for our new and happy client.