Digital Radio Upgrade for Windsor Castle In Time For The Royal Wedding

In preparation for the Royal Wedding, Windsor Castle asked Radio Links to upgrade and improve their two-way radio systems.

Until very recently The Property Section at Windsor Castle had a basic Motorola conventional digital radio system, which meant that it had a limited number of radio channels available, with all radio users sharing one radio channel.

With the Royal Wedding approaching and the world watching, Windsor Castle realised they would need to communicate in a better way and that they needed more radio channels. We worked closely with the team at Windsor Castle and recommended that they upgrade their radio infrastructure to Motorola Capacity Plus Digital Trunk Radio. This solution would provide them with a four channel trunk radio system, which would then support multiple talk groups. This meant that the Property Sections, Gardeners, Masters, Front Of House and Fire Wardens would all have their own radio channels, still leaving them with the option to communicate with the other channels should this be required. We also added an "All-Call" Channel that could alert all site staff in case of an emergency.

The Royal Collection also based at Windsor Castle, had been using a basic Motorola analogue radio system, which would have left them unable to communicate with the Property Sections new digital radio system.

By offering The Royal Collection a ‘trade-in’ deal, we were able to upgrade their Motorola analogue radios to digital, which improved their radio coverage, the audio quality of their radio system and more importantly ensured that they could communicate with the digital radio system being used by The Property Section, if needed.

Everything was in installed, tested and working as required prior to the Royal event.