New Digital Two-way Radios For Conference Centre

One of the largest exhibition and conference centres in the country have just tasked us with supplying them with a whole load of additional, new, Motorola DP4000 series handportable digital two-way radios.

This will significantly increase the number of radios in use on their Linked Capacity Plus, digital trunk two-way radio system that we installed at their venue over 5 years ago.

Adding this many radios to an existing radio system and at the same time providing additional talk channels for the new radios, could adversely affect the channel capacity of the system. However, with new technology digital radios, by simply adding a single repeater, the radio system acquires two more radio channels to increase the channel capacity sufficiently to cope with the additional radio units and talk channels.

This ease of expanding a radio users communication system, makes Motorola’s digital radio systems flexible and upgradable, which in turn means future-proof!