Radio Links Join East Anglian Festival Network

Radio Links join the East Anglian Festival Network as a supplier of Two-way Radio Communications and Public Address Systems

The East Anglian Festival Network (EAFN) exists to bring together local people (organisers, workers, venues, suppliers, contractors, traders, performers & Festival goers) that form the community that put on and enjoy over Seven Hundred (700!) wonderful East Anglian Festivals, Fairs, Carnival and Fun Days held each year across East Anglia (Cambs, Essex, Norfolk, Suffolk).

The East Anglian Festival Network (EAFN) provides a framework which connects East Anglian Festival Organisers, Workers, Traders, Venues, Performers and Festival goers with suppliers of Event Services, across the region.  EAFN aims to help build the relationships that will support our local economy and culture, whilst reducing environmental impact.

Around Seven Hundred (700!) Festivals, Fairs and Fundays are held each year across East Anglia (Cambs, Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk). 

Radio Links are now proud to be a part of this growing community.