Radio Links Provide Communications For Wimbledon

The Championships at Wimbledon are once again upon us and Radio Links Special Events Division, Onsite Communications, have again been asked to provide the mobile radio communication for the tournaments courtesy cars.

The Championships have been played since 1877 and for the last 23 years Onsite Communications have been asked to supply mobile communications for the large fleet of vehicles that are used throughout the event.

Earlier this month a team of our engineers installed 170 Hytera MD655 digital mobile radios, with GPS capability and Bluetooth microphones, to a mix of Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles that are used to transport officials, players and their families from their Hotels to the Wimbledon venue and other associated locations in and around London.

To make this vital wide area radio communications system work successfully, we needed to make sure that we understood the extent of the area that radio coverage was required. We also needed to consider the provision of enough radio channels to cater for the large amount of radio users and the expected high level of radio traffic.

Our Onsite Team achieved this by sitting down with the client to obtain a full and detailed brief.  Once we knew exactly what was required, we identified suitable sites for repeater booster stations in and around London that would allow us to provide full radio coverage for the courtesy vehicles using the routes supplied to us by the customer.

Once The Championships finish, our engineering team will go back to Wimbledon and remove the MD655 vehicle radios, so that they can be returned to our workshops and made ready to be re-programmed and hired out for our next special event.