Radio Links Provided Motorola Wave Training by Airsys

Radio Links welcomed Mike and Richard from Airsys this week, as we were introduced to the features and benefits of Motorola's Wave BBPTT products. 

Our Sales staff and radio engineers were recently introduced to Motorola's newest offering in the Broadband Push-to-Talk market, The Motorola TLK 100 handportable radio operating on Motorola's Wave network.

Richard from Airsys provided us with an extensive overview of the technology behind Motorola's Wave solution, the functionality of the TLK 100 two-way radios, and the versatile disaptcher/tracking programs available.

We learned that using European cellular phone networks, we can now provide businesses and teams with cost effective handportable two-way radios operating over wider areas than ever before. And as this solution uses existing cellular phone networks, businesses do not need to invest in costly and complicated base station infrastructures to achieve this level of radio coverage.

This technology also uses broadband to switch to WiFi when in range of saved WiFi networks and with simple IOS and Android apps available, we can now provide communications between Motorola TLK 100 radios and your smartphones.

For more information on this new Motorola product and technology, please use the links below: