Shipment of Body Worn Cameras For Council

Our Sales Team have just supplied and delivered the new Hytera Body Worn Video Cameras to local Council.

Body worn video cameras are being used more and more these days, by professional personel that interact on a regular basis with potentially difficult situations. Bayliffs, Security Guards, Door Staff, Traffic Enforcement or any workers who may face abuse and the threat of violence in their jobs.

Last week we handed over a set of Hytera's new VM685 Body Worn Cameras to a local council, who wanted to provide their officers out on the street, with a means of recording any unruly behaviour, while gathering critical evidence while working in their community role. As importantly, these cameras when worn by officers, provide an overt and obvious deterent to physical abuse, as studies have shown that bodycams can help to deter verbal abuse and physical aggression, as people will often calm down or back off if they know they are being filmed. As such they provide an additional means of protection for front line staff and lone workers.

These cameras record colour video in full HD, record all associated audio and can be used as a digital camera to take an instant snapshot. with features including a 180° rotatable lens and powerful battery life supporting up to 8 hours continuous recording. The VM685 also increases security by incorporating 256 Bit Advanced Encryption.

On return to the office, the officers simply dock their Body camera in a charging rack and all data recorded on the device is transfered automatically to the connected Digital Evidence software program. The Digital Evidence Management Platform collects and stores the evidence collected by Hytera Bodycams in a secure network. This means users can easily find data by tagging an evidence file to access it later via a key word search. For extra data security, customised permissions can be managed for different users.

Please contact us if you would like any additional information or advice regarding these inovative new products.