Alarm BMS Systems

Get immediate notification of building alarms
directly to your digital radio devices

We are able to supply and install alarm interface units that will automatically send immediate alarm information to your digital two-way radio systems.

Simple Alarm Interface

Our R-LinK alarm handler is a smart little unit that will take alarm inputs from your fire panel, door entry systems, security alarms or building management systems and will send them immediately and directly to your digital two-way radios.

No need to make your way to the alarm panels to see which alarm has been set off. The information is automatically sent directly to your handportable radio in a format to suit you.

Choose to notify a single handportable radio, a small team of radios or a group of radios.

Set alarm notification parameters to ensure the right alarms are passed to the right person or group of people, first time.

Set alarm escalation to suit your business needs, with a three stage escalation process:

  1. Investigate – Automatically notify key trained staff­ discreetly, without the need to stop production or disrupt all personnel.
  2. Escalate – If there is no response R-LinK will notify the back-up group to ensure the alert is not missed.
  3. Communicate – Still no reply? Raise the alarm notification further to others on site and even mobile phones off­ site.

Advanced Alarm Handling

Our InteraX alarm handling software package provides total control of your security alarms and system alerts. All alarms and subsequent actions are date and time stamped and can be exported as reports for audit purposes.

All alarm messages can be handled differently and distributed to the most appropriate group of radios for the quickest response. Fire alarm information to the Fire Team radios, Oil Pressure alarms to Engineering radios, Intruder alarms to Security Personnel radios and Evacuation alarms to everybody’s radios.

Pre-Alarms can also be detected and transmitted by InteraX to key personnel only, allowing investigation of alarm indication before escalating to a full disruptive alarm state.

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