Multi Site Systems

Extend your professional radio communication systems

We are able to supply and install multi-site digital trunk radio systems from both Motorola and Hytera

Multi-Site Digital Trunk Radio Systems

New Digital Radio technology offers two-way radio users options that until recently, were very difficult to engineer and therefore often cost prohibitive to implement for the end users.

As new digital base stations are now IP addressable, this new Digital radio technology now allows us to simply link remote sites together using the clients own IP network or the internet. This means for example, that portable radios working at a site in London, could talk to portable radios at a remote site in Manchester and communications would sound as if they were in the same location.

We have already supplied and installed these kinds of systems for customers such as Sainsburys, Morgan Stanley, Godolphin Stables, Gyron Internet, Cummins Engines and many more.

In each case our clients wanted to be able to use their two-way radios to communicate with remote offices, remote data centres and remote warehouses. And by using this new digital technology we were able to provide radio systems that just a few years ago would have been very difficult to implement.

Also, because these new digital base stations are IP addressable, we can supply and install PC dispatcher software that can be used to monitor, communicate with and control radio systems from client PC’s at a central location or anywhere on the network.

Motorola Linked Capacity Plus

Motorola’s multi-site digital trunk radio system is referred to as Motorola Linked Capacity Plus and uses Motorola SLR5500 or SLR8000 base station radios as the system infrastructure for their DP4000, DP3441 and SL4000 series of handportable radios.

Hytera Multi-Site Extended Pseudo Trunk

Hytera’s multi-site digital trunk radio system is referred to as Hytera Multi Site XPT and uses Hytera RD985S base station radios as the system infrastructure for their PD600, PD700 and X1 series of handportable radios.

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