Mobile Radios

Motorola vehicle digital two way radios.

For Short Term or Long Term Hire.

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Hire mobile Motorola Radios, a reliable solution to keep your team in contact.

Available to hire short term or long term.

Advantages of Hiring Two Way Motorola Radios

No Capital Investment Required - Claim 100% Tax Back - No Ofcom Licence Required - Instant Equipment Availability - Next Day Delivery - Latest Digital Radio Equipment

Professionally installed vehicle mobile radios allow your team to communicate, coordinate and collaborate for maximum efficiency and safety. Our Mobile Motorola radios are designed for the everyday driver so your team can connect without distraction, whether they’re driving courtesy cars, mini buses, forklift trucks or delivering packages. These mobiles are easy to use and deliver clear communication for maximum efficiency of your operation.

There are additional health & safety feature options, such as the real-time vehicle location feature, for users who require to hire customised communications. For help or advice on the right mobile radio for your particular application please contact a member of our hire team. 

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