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Hytera PD605 + PD665 + PD685 - Wireless Bluetooth Earpiece Mic

Wireless Bluetooth in-ear earpiece with PTT button on the earpiece.

Requires Bluetooth audio adaptor unit which fits onto to the radio accessory connector. This adaptor also doubles as a charger dock for the Bluetooth earpiece when not in use.

Adaptor / charger for use with the Hytera PD605 + PD665 + PD685 handportable radios.

Pt No.     PD600ES-W-H-01

“Swivel” style over the ear earpiece with in-line connector and in-line microphone with PTT button. Connector fitted for use with the Hytera X1e + X1p handportable radios. Pt No.   ...

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Earpiece Mic Bluetooth

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