Motorola Applications

Enhance the operation of your digital radio system by using our various Motorola compatible applications

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Motorola Digital Radio Systems support many applications to provide improved Radio Management, Health and Safety Monitoring and Alarm forwarding to name but a few.

Dispatcher Applications

Motorola TRBOnet Disptatcher systems installed in a command and control centre, will allow radio system managers to contact radio users on a group or individual basis. This can be by two-way voice communication or by discrete SMS messaging from a keyboard. In addition to this basic functionality, all radio data is logged and voice radio traffic is recorded and time stamped and with simple retrieval. GPS enabled radios will provide real time location on displayed mapping while in-building location can be tracked using indoor beacons... Read More.

Lone Worker Applications

Many Motorola Digital radios with Health and Safety features enabled, can report to our Dispatcher systems or simple desk-top control radios, to alert controllers in the event of a Panic Button on a radio being pressed or a Mandown or Lone Worker alarm on the radio being activated.

Automatic Alarm Forwarding

We can supply a wide range of Alarm Control Software applications for Motorola radio systems that can detect and automatically send safety and business critical messages and alarms to your digital two-way radios and other mobile devices. When an alarm is raised these Alarm applications will immediately alert the radio carried by the appropriate employees, provide precise alarm information and can even escalate the alarm until it is acknowledged, resolved and cleared.

Telephone interconnection

Our telephone interconnect applications will allow radio users to be contacted by office staff on site that only have access to a telephone, and our more sophisticated handportable radios with telephone style keypads, can initiate calls from their radios to telephones.

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