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Mototrbo ION Handportable Digital Radio

The MOTOTRBO™ Ion is Motorola's first business-ready communication device with always-on voice and broadband data capabilities. It brings together renowned conventional digital two-way radio with PTT performance, an open app ecosystem on the Android platform, and access to Motorola's unified technology ecosystem – from video security and analytics solutions, to best-in-class network security, with powerful new software and technology services like smart virtual assistants. 

Built to keep your workforce connected anywhere you do business. You can seamlessly communicate through voice and data, over public and private wi-fi networks. And our Seamless Voice Handover feature automatically switches you to broadband when you roam beyond your smart radio system coverage, so your connectivity is always on when you need it.

Full multimedia capabilities on an Android platform with an open app ecosystem. A large intuitive touchscreen lets you view high resolution images, and an integrated camera lets you send and even stream, photos and videos.

Designed for dependability and ease of use in any environment. Pristine audio quality lets you hear and be heard when it matters most. And ultra-strong materials, including a rugged touchscreen, are used inside and out for outstanding impact resilience.

Stay safe from cyber threats. A defense-in-depth approach provides multiple layers of security to help prevent unauthorized device access and malicious activity, and to safeguard your critical data.

UHF 400-527Mhz
Channels 1000


Motorola Solution's SL2600 Radio benefits from advanced technology and an innovative radio display. The SL2600 offers a professional, sophisticated mid-tier portable that is slim, lightweight and discreet. It blends...

Lithium-Ion Battery
DP2400e - DP2600e
  1. Chemistry: Lithium Ion
  2. Capacity: 1600mAh

Pt No       DP2400BS-LB-00001

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