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Motorola SL2600 Handportable Digital Radio

Motorola Solution's SL2600 Radio benefits from advanced technology and an innovative radio display. The SL2600 offers a professional, sophisticated mid-tier portable that is slim, lightweight and discreet. It blends seamlessly with professional attire and is built to last.

The Motorola SL2600 radio is compatible with conventional operation for single sites and IP Site Connect, plus digital trunking with Capacity Plus single or multi-site.

The SL2600 is packed with features including a virtual keypad display, indoor location tracking, built-in bluetooth and integrated Wi-Fi. The radio is ultra-slim at just 22mm thick and has a number of features, including:

Range Max Receiver. An advanced radio design and patented antenna, delivering enhanced range whilst maintaining a slim profile and long battery life.

Advanced Technology providing louder audio and reduced maintenance.

Active View Display. A new shatterproof display using a matrix of LEDs behind the radio housing.

VHF 136-174Mhz
UHF 403-470Mhz
Channels         256
Pt No SL2600US-LB-NC (UHF)

The Motorola DP4000e Series of two-way digital radios are Motorola’s leading systems radio, designed for the skilled professional who refuses to compromise. With high performance integrated voice and data communications,...

Earpiece Mic D Style
SL1600 - SL2600

"D" Shell style over the ear earpiece with in-line microphone and PTT button.

Connector fitted for use with the Motorola SL1600 + SL2600 handportable radios.

Pt No.     SL4000ES-D-M-01

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