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Make more of your radios by connecting to
other communications devices

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New digital radio technology allows us to interface your Motorola or Hytera two-way digital radios with private telephone networks, public telephone networks and cellular phones

By interfacing your two-way radio communications system with telephones, you can enhance the value of your radio system by expanding your communication network and coverage to those colleagues who don’t have access to a two-way radio, such as office workers at their desks.  

Telephone interconnection is achieved through connecting your radio base station repeater to your telephone network via either software or hardware solutions, both of which we can supply and install. Telephone users can then have the ability to dial an individual handportable radio, or a group of radios from their office telephone and have a two-way voice communication with a two-way radio.

And, by investing in the higher tier handportable radios that feature a telephone style keypad, radio users can also dial landline telephones and mobile phones from their handportable radio. When the radio user needs to speak they simply press the push-to-talk (PTT) button on their radio and then release to listen, as if talking to another user on the two-way radio system.

Typical applications that are available to enable this functionality includes TRBOnet Telephone Interconnect for Motorola radio systems and our R-Gate Telephony Gateway hardware module, for interfacing with Hytera digital radio systems.

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