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Two-way radio hire with wide area coverage.

Use our 47 years of technical knowledge and radio hire experience, to allow us to provide you with the very best in two way radio equipment, for projects that require extended radio coverage.

Two-way radio wide area networks can be hired either for a temporary or medium to long-term contract and can be used to supplement your own radio network during busy periods such as Christmas or shut-down stock-taking exercises and we will always ensure that the right equipment is selected to do the job.  

This will also ensure your communications are clear from even the most remote areas of the site.

Examples of where we have provided wide area networks are:

  • Major road improvement projects
  • Wide area traffic management
  • Construction sites
  • Major sporting events
  • Indoor and Outdoor Arenas
  • Leading exhibition centres
  • Distribution Centres
  • Farming businesses
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Test track venues
  • Retail complexes
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