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Two-way radio hire across the UK.

Use our 47 years of technical knowledge and radio hire experience, to allow us to provide you with the very best in two way radio hire, for events and businesses just like yours.

As a leading provider of two-way radios for hire in the UK, we maintain a vast fleet of new, professional, digital two-way radios from leading digital radio manufacturers Motorola and Hytera. Our radios can be supplied complete with an extensive selection of audio accessories to meet any of your Short-term or Long-Term communications needs. We can provide local or wide area communications for large or small events alike, company projects, construction sites, retail and shopping centres as well as many other areas of business use.  

Our experienced Hire department can tailor each and every radio hire order to suit your specific needs, based on the information you provide.
Our experience also means that we are able to assess and advise whether additional facilities such as repeater booster stations are required, according to the size of the site or event, the terrain to be covered or the area of use. 

All of our radios are supplied with rapid chargers and are programmed with our licensed Hire frequencies.  We can provide multi-channel use and multiple Group Call and Private Call facilities upon request. Our walkie-talkies can also be programmed with your own licensed frequencies or, alternatively, we can apply for temporary Ofcom frequencies on your behalf to further limit interference, giving you that extra peace of mind for the duration of your Hire. 

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