Hertsmere Borough Council - Motorola Radio

Hertsmere Borough Council provides on street traffic management services in and around their Hertfordshire borough. With employees working on the street dealing with the public, safety becomes a primary concern, find out how Motorola Radios helped.

Hertsmere BC have recently invested in the newest digital two-way radio communications system, which incorporates sophisticated Health and Safety and Lone Worker functions that include the provision of detailed location information, provided by the portable radios GPS feature.

As a long-standing supplier of analogue radio communications systems to Hertsmere Borough Council, Radio Links Communications listened to their customer's requirements. Following extensive surveys, trials, demonstrations and radio coverage testing, we proposed that the council invest in new technology, Motorola DMR Digital Radio. This solution allowed us to integrate their new radios with a GPS location solution using a software package from Motorola Application Partners, TRBOnet.

This software allows networked PC’s to provide at a glance location information for every member of staff with a radio, dealing with the public out on the streets. Each warden is equipped with a Motorola DP3401 Digital hand portable radio, which provides direct, instant and interference free two-way voice communications with the Parking Control office. With the GPS built in, these radios also allow the control room to quickly establish the precise on street location of the radio user, at any time. This location information, together with the built-in Health & Safety features including lone worker monitoring and panic button, provides Hertsmere Borough Council with a modern communications system that, most importantly, supports staff safety.