Rolls-Royce Go Digital

Luxury British Car Manufacturer Rolls–Royce contacted Radio Links to supply them with two-way radio communications for their Goodwood headquarters and manufacturing plant. 

Having previously supplied two-way radios to BMW at Oxford, Rolls-Royce contacted us to improve the communications for their manufacturing plants maintenance team. At the time of contact Rolls-Royce had been using mobile phones as their only means of communications. Understanding that this was not only a costly way to communicate, it also had many restrictions. Realising this, they decided to migrate to new technology digital two-way radio, so that not only would communication between the team be more efficient, it would provide health and safety functions within the team, that were not currently in place.

Radio Links met with the Roll-Royce maintenance team at their Goodwood site and understanding that they required Intrinsically Safe ATEX approved radios, we recommended the Hytera PD795EX and PD715EX handportable units. These radios have Health and Safety features such as Lone Worker and a Panic Button, which when used with an MD785 desk-top control base radio as a monitoring station, provided the Health and Safety features they required.

To complete the radio system, we also recommended, supplied and installed a Hytera RD985S Repeater Booster Base Station in XPT trunk radio mode, to ensure that Rolls-Royce had a modern and readily expandable radio system, with full site coverage.

Installing an XPT trunk radio system allows for future expansion, which future-proofs their investment as they can simply add talk-groups to the new system, without having to purchase additional repeaters each time another department wants to join the radio system.  

The Hytera digital radio solution we installed for the Maintenance Team has been very well received and Rolls-Royce agree that it fulfilled all of their expectations and thanked Radio Links for a speedy and seamless installation.