Radio Links Sponsor The Bluebird Project

Radio Links are proud to be assisting The Bluebird Project Team in their heroic effort to get Donald Cambell's Bluebird K7 record breaking boat, back in the water and ready for display to the public.

On the 4th of January 1967, Donald Cambell lost his life attempting to take the World Water Speed Record and break the 300mph barrier.

Donald Campbell’s iconic Bluebird K7, in which he died during his ill-fated attempt, has been recovered from Coniston Lake by The Bluebird Project Team lead by Bill Smith. Bill and his team are working extremely hard to bring the famous boat back to its original condition and hope to have it fully working so that they can display Bluebird to the general public on Coniston Lake once more, in the very near future.

In need of two-way voice communications between the pilot of the refurbished Bluebird K7 and the support boats and shore controllers, Radio Links were contacted by Bob White of The Bluebird Project Team and leapt at the opportunity to get involved. With the help of our most senior engineer Bill Pugh, who enjoys a bespoke project, we are providing the team with new digital radio communications equipment, radio engineering services and technical advice, which will form an integral part of the vital testing at Loch Fad on the Isle of Bute in August 2018. We are now proud to be recognised as sponsors of The Bluebird Project.

More information on The Bluebird Project can be found here: The Bluebird Project

Latest Video showing the progress of The Bluebird Project can be found here: Progress 31