Two-way Radio Installations in Tower Cranes

We were recently tasked with supplying two-way radios for a new, large construction site in Essex, that required fixed radios to be installed in the sites Tower Cranes.

Fortunately, our Senior Systems Engineer Chris has a head for heights, so he is able to go where many other engineers fear to tread, which in turn means means that we have the engineering capability to complete this type of installation work for our clients, in-house.

Constuction site crane operators need to be in direct voice contact with their associated Banksman on the ground and two-way radio is the primary solution. The crane operator also needs to be able to use his two-way radio hands-free, so we supplied and Chris installed, a Motorola vehicle mobile radio fitted with a PTT foot pedal and a external microphone, so that the crane operator uses his foot to key up the radio microphone to talk to his Banksman. 

After completing the installation in the first crane, Chris then had to climb the second crane and do it all again! Good installation work all around and a happy client at the end of the day.

Four more cranes are due to be erected on this large constuction site over the coming weeks, so we look forward to more installation work and maybe some more high vantage point photographs.