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Extend the range of your Motorola radio system.

Motorola Repeater Base Stations available to hire.

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One of the most common questions we are asked in hire is how the coverage area of a two way radio system can be improved.

Desk-top Control Radios

Portable radios working beyond ‘portable to portable’ coverage can communicate with their site control, or central office, and with the help of a local Motorola base station, this can be supplied on hire and installed with a suitable aerial system by one of our experienced engineers.


If you find that your radio coverage needs to be further improved, or that you need to communicate radio-to-radio over greater distances or in buildings through many layers of concrete and steel, we can hire and install Motorola repeater equipment, which will greatly improve the performance and coverage of your radio system. With an aerial positioned centrally, a repeater receives a radio signal from a portable radio and then instantaneously re-broadcasts it with more power, significantly boosting the area of radio coverage, also penetrating areas that may have suffered from poor reception or dead spots when working without a repeater in place.

For help or advice on the right equipment for your particular application please contact a member of our hire team.

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