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Advantages of Upgrading to Motorola Digital Radio

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Motorola’s range of new technology digital two way radios offer so much more than their analogue predecessors. Standard features of new technology digital two way radios now include:

Investment in the newest technology currently available.

When you purchase new Motorola digital two-way radios, you are protecting your investment by future-proofing your businesses communications.

Smaller and Lighter

New digital technology enables Motorola radios to be built smaller and lighter, where required.

Two radio channels for the price of one Ofcom licence.

New digital radio technology allows us to set two radio operating channels in your radios, for each radio channel issued by Ofcom.

Enhanced voice audio quality.

New digital radio technology means crystal clear radio communications right to the extremes of your coverage area.

Total background noise elimination.

New digital radio technology totally eliminates all background noise to further improve your communications, even in the noisiest of environments. 

Interference free operation.

New digital radio technology means the likelihood of interference from other radio users is significantly reduced.

Radios cannot be scanned or listened in to by eavesdroppers.

New digital radio technology means that your communications are significantly more secure with high level digital encryption which means that your communications cannot be scanned or listened in to.

Individual, team and group calls.

With each digital two-way radio having its own unique ID, we can simply set Private, Group and All-Call features in radios.

Health and Safety

Almost all Motorola digital two way radios support Panic Buttons, Lone Worker alarms and Mandown features.

Fully submersible handportable terminals.

All Motorola radios are built to waterproof build standard, with some of their systems radios being fully submersible, which means significantly fewer repair bills cause by water ingress.

Intrinsically Safe handportable units

ATEX approved handportable radios for use in hazardous environments.

Improved battery performance

As digital radios transmit in small data packets, battery performance is greatly improved when compared to analogue battery performance.

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