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Motorola TLK 100 POC Handportable Radio

Combining the broad coverage of a Europe-wide cellular network with the ease of two-way radio communications, the WAVE TLK 100 radio gets your team connected fast. 
Keep employees connected and accountable with crisp, clear audio and location tracking in a rugged, compact form factor. Maximise efficiency with single-button push-to-talk and long battery life. 
With no need to build or maintain a costly radio infrastructure, get your team up and running quickly by deploying wide area push-to-talk radio, without the need for costly or time-consuming spectrum licensing or manual programming. You can even use the WAVE radio with your current compatible two-way radio systems and smartphones. 
Channels Unlimited
Pt No TLK100-LB                     

The Telo TE300 is an advanced PoC handset manufactured by TeloSystems. Simple and easy to use, this is the perfect device for users who need to converge multiple technologies into one small, powerful and rugged handportable...

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Motorola TLK 100

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