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The Hytera PDC760 Multi-mode Advanced Radio is the revolutionary DMR Cellular hybrid device offering the ideal platform for critical voice communications and broadband data services.

The Hytera PDC760 Multi-mode Advanced Radio is a revolutionary device in the Private Mobile Radio network industry. The first of its kind to offer a truly convergent platform for critical voice and broadband data services, this innovative development is a significant milestone. The radio supports multi-mode communication in different scenarios, whether it’s digital two-way radio for daily business operations or emergency response, broadband data applications, or cellular communications using public or private networks and features a camera for image capture.

Whenever and wherever you are operating, the Hytera Multi-mode Advanced Radio is by your side offering a great voice communication experience. Seamlessly switching between your networks, the intelligent device manages multiple communication modes, presented in a dedicated, user-friendly interface, to ensure that you can enjoy a seamless communication experience while the handset takes care of network transitions.

The rich applications and high-level data security ensures the radio calmly handles any critical situation, improving co-operation and seamless communication. The ergonomic design combined with the rugged chassis and Gorilla Glass touch-screen, supports a new sensory experience to meet your diversified requirements.

Crystal Clear Critical Voice
The Hytera PDC760 handportable radio adopts advanced audio technology, such as multi-mic noise suppression, acoustic echo cancellation and wind noise suppression, to ensure the user can receive and transmit clear voice communications even in noisy environments.

Multiple Security Assurances
The device support authentication and both software and hardware encryption to prevent voice and data theft. The management system monitors the radio in real-time and the device can be stunned, killed, or data erased if there is any user abnormality.

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